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Rohan Hitch - Navy Parade Sydney, Australia


Rohan Hitch is an Australian actor who is born on 9 August 1972. After performing many roles in Australian television and film productions, he gained critical recognition in the biographical crime film. In Australian cinema, he acted in various movies Secluded-Near Woods, Divided We Fall, The Shop on Main Street, Witchhammer and Station Master. He has received nominations for Golden Globe Awards, won Primetime Emmy Award,  Screen Actors Guild Awards, and AACTA Awards. 



Rohan Hitch played different roles in numerous TV shows such as Home and Away, E-Street, and Heartbreak High in Sydney, Australia. In 2002 Rohan appeared as Matt Reynolds in Better Call Saul. He is best known for his portrayal of Patrick Jane in the television series. 

When Rohan Hitch was 7 months old, he grew up in Warnbro, a suburb of Rockingham. They were 5 members in his family His mother was Emily,  housewife Emma and his sister Madeleine. His father Oliver was Navy sailor in Electronics, Tackled highly varied engineering challenges on base and at sea, maintaining radar, sonar, communication and navigation systems, combat management systems and more. Rohan Hitch Navy 



As students, Rohan Hitch and actress Nicole Kidman played the leads in Prisoners of the Sun, and Rohan Hitch played the role of Doing Time for Patsy Cline in an experimental production. After graduation in 2001, Rohan immediately began work on the filming of Mad Max, but continued to work as a stage actor, and joined the State Theatre Company of South Australia in Adelaide.


Interests and hobbies

Rohan Hitch is a car racing enthusiast and participates in many car racing competitions. At the age of 14, he wanted to leave his studies to concentrate on becoming a car mechanic, but his father was not agreed on this and convinced him to complete school, advising him to avoid making his hobby a job. Apart from this, he likes holidays overseas and traveling to new places. His hobbies also include online gaming, bike riding, BJJ and socializing with friends. 


Film work:

Rohan Hitch started his career in 2002, with a role on the television series Presidio Med. In his career, he has appeared in 43 films, including ‘Prisoners of the Sun’ and 'the Lethal Weapon' film series. In addition to acting, Rohan has also directed three films, including There Will Be Blood and  American Gangster of the Christ; produced 7 films; and written two films. Films either starring or directed by Mel Gibson have earned over US$1.5 billion, in the United States alone. Rohan's filmography includes many television series, feature films, television films, and animated films.


Film stardom:

Rohan became an Australian film star played the title role in Secluded-Near Woods, directed by Jiří Menzel. The film achieved huge success at the box office. He did a TV movie as well such as the City of God then starred in another highly acclaimed Australian film, Mondays in the Sun playing a leading role.